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IVS Race Series

IVS members who compete in four of the five and volunteer in one, or, compete in all five, of the IVS Series races, will receive an IVS apparel item (or equivalent prize to be announced at a later date),  Relay participation in the IVS Half Marathon counts as participation for the IVS Race Series.

IVS Race Series and Self scoring form ... add your name to enter the IVS Race Series ... When you run an IVS Race Series race, add your initials on your row in the column under the race; if you volunteered and helped with the race, enter "Vol" instead of your initials. The IVS Race Series is open only to IVS Members.  

IVS Race Series Self Scoring Spreadsheet 

IVS Race Series Races

1. Big Chill, Big Hill

2, Steamboat Classic

3. Bridge to Bridge

4. IVS Half Marathon

5. Detweiller Turkey Trot

For additional information, contact the Race Series Director:

Bill Holmes; 309-839-6191 (text or voice)

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